............ agility and grace played in a special place

Dream Team Sports Tours is a company that arrange European VB tours and competition since the 90's.

Our staff is composed of specialists dedicated to planning tours at the collegiate and/or HS-Club level.

We’ve been running volleyball tours since a lonf time and our network have a great market experience.

There are thriving professional and amateur leagues, as well as a solid fans base and every week-end thousands of matches are played among teams of the European leagues.

Therefore the passion for this sport really exists among Europeans. Our clubs will be excited by the opportunity of having a new volleyball experience against a foreign opponent and your team will have a great opportunity to judge the level of our volleyball and live a new challenge.

A volleyball tour will also leave space to combine your favourite sport with the best things Europea can offer: art, culture, food, style, traditions and friendship.

If you plan on taking your team overseas, look at us, a company with thorough knowledge of the destinations you will visit and an expert staff to take care of all particular details of your trip.

Contact us now for more information or an estimate on a custom made trip for your team.