A world made of strength and friendship

The dynamic sport of rugby brings serious competition but hand in hand with camaraderie, friendship and fun.

Whilst winning is important, the bonds created with friend or foe are just as important! Our specialists will create a tour you will remember for a lifetime: the most exciting locations, the perfect competition with Europe’s top clubs, and training with the most experienced national coaching staff.

Everything you desire for your European destination is waiting for you including our recommended Italian adventure with incredible cultural sites, culture, superb cuisine and unique leisure and adventure activities.

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Italy – France

Ireland – Spain

Portugal – UK

These are our recommended countries for Rugby, please consider that we are able to organize your tour in other European countries too.

Our Services

  • Flights booking
  • Deluxe Motor Coach for all transfers
  • Bilingual Tour Assistant available 24/7
  • Accommodations
  • Friendly matches
  • Pro training sessions
  • Breakfasts and dinners (lunches if required)
  • Pre-game meals
  • Community service
  • Team building activities (treasure hunt, cooking lesson, harvest grapes, etc)
  • Adventure activities (kayaking, SUP, hiking, bike tour, etc)
  • Sightseeing and excursion
  • Tickets for sport events
  • Museums ticket admissions
  • Insurance
  • A lot of fun and much more!


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