May 19

Stevenson travels with Dream Team and helps the Sant’Egidio community


And it is with the same spirit that on the morning of December 20th the team went to the community ready to help: not being able to have direct contact with the neediest, they rolled up their sleeves and packed large and small packages which were then distributed on Christmas day.

As remembers with a smile the assistant who accompanied them during the tour “Some have had more difficulties than others, some were more skilled in packaging than their team mates” ; in any case what was not lacking besides the fun, was the sense of gratitude : feeling part of something greater, a feeling of compassion that if feeded makes us grow and brings us closer to the other. Also on the other side of the world. Have a good trip Stevenson Team!

If you want to support Sant’Egidio or to know more about their community please click on the following link: Here

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