May 12

Do you wanna travel to Italy and wish to experience the “Bel Paese” from another point of view?

You are at the right place.

Let’s start from here: Italy can shock you not only thanks to its several natural and artistic beauties (not for nothing is one of the most UNESCO sites in the world), the food, history but even thanks to … fun factors!

We want to bring you inside some of Italy’s “secrets” through some special activities and ideas to enrich you and your adventure in Italy.

  • You should know that the only three active volcanoes in Europe are all located in Southern Italy. We are talking of Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvio. Can you miss the opportunity to explore one of those volcanoes closely? If you are thinking “No, I cannot!”, please do not lose our great excursion to Etna or Vesuvio. An Half or full day experience on the Mountain with official guides who will lead you along a unique trekking activity and admiring breathtaking  panorama getting the crater at the top!  
  • In Italy you will also find the world’s smallest country inside it. Vatican City is just 0,6 miles long and 0,5 miles wide and it is the State where Roman Catholic lives. The only people who live in the Vatican City are religious people and the Swiss Guards, the Police in the county. The Vatican Palace is the official residence of the Pope. The Vatican Museums, just out of the Vatican City, are one of the most visited monuments in the world that you can now experience through an exciting treasure hunt. Do not miss that opportunity!
  • Italy is plenty of mountains, hills (40% of the whole territory) and lakes (1.500) where it is possible to organize nice walking, appreciate great views. If walking is your passion, you can spend your spare time on the mountains all around Lake Como where there are several different hiking playgrounds
  • Italy is also one of the world’s largest wine producer so you cannot miss the opportunity to taste that typical product. For those who prefer relax enjoying Italian flavors, a nice idea is to taste the original red or white wines during a food & wine tasting at some local wineries of several regions in the country. If you prefer to be a Winemaker for a day, you can experience it in Assisi! Do you prefer to visit a winery, taste some wine and even pick and press the grapes, if the period of the year permits? We suggest you the Grape Stomping in Chianti area, Tuscany.
  • Last but not least, you cannot miss Venice, the romantic Lagoon and floating City where the transportation is possible only by … boat! You certainly heard about the romantic gondola, the traditional long and narrow Venetian boat. It is steered by a man called gondolier who usually wear a striped sweater. Well, you have the opportunity to experience a Venetian Rowing Lesson where you will be introduced to the batellina, a more stable and comfortable boat. Take your pictures and enjoy!

Curious? Take a look to our special activities and pick your favorite one!

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