Apr 25

European League of Football 2021- Dream Team Sports

This year 2021 we will see the birth of  the 1st edition of the European League of Football which is the first attempt to restore the Professional American Football in Europe

since the end of NFL Europe which was closed in 2007.

This first edition will see the following 8 teams attending the new league:  6 from Germany, 1 from Poland and 1 from Spain.

Here are the clubs:

Hamburg Sea Devils  –  Frankfurt Galaxy  – Stuttgart Surge – Berlin Thunder   – Leipzig Kings- Cologne Centurions  –  Panthers Wroclaw – Barcelona Dragons

The European League of Football has also reached an agreement with NFL to use some of the names of the teams belonging to the old NFL Europe.

The first games will start on June 2021 and the league will end in September 2021.

The new European League of Football is planning to reach after the 1st season a total of 20 teams coming from all over the European continent.

Probably not all the European Federations of American Football will like the idea of this new league who could represent a new competitor for them but the European League of Football should give a boost to the development of the American Football in Europe.  

Dream Team Sports Tours will try to develop some partnerships with these new clubs to secure the best friendly games opportunities for its US college football team on tour in Europe.

Author: Ivan Molteni

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